Final Blog Post

The semester is winding down, and this will be my last blog post. I’d like to thank everyone who has visited my page and has shown their support. This semester was a great learning opportunity for me, and I’m glad I was able to launch my own website. Before I had taken this course, I had already made an Instagram account dedicated to my photographs. Since then, I always wanted to expand on my photography platforms and with the help of Strategic Presentation, I was able to accomplish many different things such as starting a website, making a YouTube Channel and video, and making a podcast. The most memorable take aways from this course for me was the launch of my website and the making of my podcast and PSA. Launching a website dedicated to my photography is something that I always thought about but never committed to. Through Strategic Presentation I was able to make this possible. The most memorable assignment from this course was definitely the podcast assignment. Not only was I able to expand on photography concepts through my podcast, I also learned so much about recording and editing. As I used Audacity and its many features such as Auto Duck, fade in, fade out, I learned a lot about recording. It was definitely a great experience. Also the guide from Professor James Hodges made my learning experience ten times easier. Well, thats going to wrap it up. Its been a very fun semester and Im glad that I learned a lot.

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