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Hey, I’m Thomas! I love traveling and exploring different places and capturing the moment by taking pictures on my camera. For the longest time I have struggled to figure out what I truly wanted to do and photography has helped me find my yellow brick road. I always knew that I liked to travel; however, it wasn’t until sophomore year in college when I got my first DSLR camera that I started to take pictures. The more pictures I took the sooner I realized that photography provided me a sense of peace and relief of stress. This is when It hit me that I wanted to pursue this hobby and potentially make it a career option. I found that photography is what inspires me the most and it has helped me in deciding what I want to do in the future. I plan on taking my photography skills into the real estate field in the near future, but until then, I will be continuing my adventures and taking pictures of anything that interests me. I hope that my website can serve as a platform where people can learn tips and tricks on how to take pictures as well as provide inspiration. My website contains pictures that I have taken and each picture will have a description and information on how that specific picture was shot. Tutorials on nighttime photography, long exposure, short exposure, portraits, etc… will be available as well. My goal is to share my work in hopes to inspire other people as my influencers have done the same for me.

My target audience would be anyone who is interested in and new to photography. My website entails a lot of 101 information on photography making it perfect for people who are just getting into it.

Person Holding Black Dslr Camera
Black Dslr Camera Mounted on Black Tripod

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