When You Skip The Game Tutorial
When you skip the tutorial
  1. How does each meme relate to your topic and target audience?

Know Your Meme didn’t have too many memes about photography and I could only find one that addresses it implicitly. The meme I chose is a picture of a man playing pool wrong and the caption is “When you skip the tutorial”. This relates to my website topic and target audience because my site will mostly contain tutorials and my target audience are beginners.

2. In Davison’s framework, what are┬áthe ‘ideals’ of your chosen memes? (Cite Davison)

The “ideals” Davsion talks about is the message conveyed through a meme. “The ideal of a meme is the concept or idea conveyed” (Davison 123). Using Davison’s definition, the ideals of the meme that I chose represents what happens when you try to do something without learning how to do it first.

3. What are the “behaviors” of your identified memes? Where do they originate, and how do they spread? (Cite the Know Your Meme database)

The “behaviors” Davison talks about is what a person learns and does from a meme. “The behavior of a meme is the action taken by an individual in service of the meme” (Davison 123). In my case, the act of people watching my tutorial videos after seeing the meme would be the behavior of the meme.

4. What are the “manifestations” of your chosen memes, and how are they different from other possible manifestations?

The “manifestation of a meme is its observable, external phenomena. It is the set of objects created by the meme, the records of its existence” (Davison 123). The manifestation of my meme would be the objects in the meme including the golf club, the pool balls and the pool table.

5. Conclude by considering how the specific manifestations you have chosen can appeal to your target audience.

By adding quality pictures to my site, I believe that alone is enough to appeal to my target audience. These pictures will continue to inspire beginner photographers and they will continue to watch tutorial videos so they can take pictures just like the ones posted on my site.


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