Tutorial Video

Above is my very first tutorial video on photography! This video goes over the basic concepts of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. The video is perfect for people who are just getting into photography as it helps them understand and how to use the 3 basic fundamentals of photography.

The aperture chart from Vinci Palad can be found here

The ISO chart can be found here

The exposure triangle picture can be found here

Audio was created using Screencastify. Click here

To make my YouTube video easily searchable, I made sure that I used key words in my title. Also the audience from my website will be able to see the youtube video as well because it is uploaded onto the site. I think anyone learning photography will find my video worth watching as it provides a brief and clear explanation of the fundamentals of photography. People find tutorial videos helpful all the time and this was proven in Wolf’s research. Most of the reviews on tutorial videos were positive from Wolf’s interviews and was shown that the videos were helpful even though the participants didn’t proceed with the DIY. “Videos were seen as helpful, even if participants ultimately did not attempt the DIY work depicted. As one participant shared, after watching several videos on how to replace a sump pump… she decided to hire a professional:” (Wolf 7).

Wolf, Christine (2016). “DIY videos on YouTube: Identity and possibility in the age of algorithms” Retrieved from here

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